Daydream Nation Trailer

Ich gebe zu, der Trailer zu „Daydream Nation“ ist nicht mehr als eine ziemlich miese Szenenmontage, doch dank Kat Dennings sowie Musik von Beach House und Emily Haines landet er dennoch im Blog.

Only sixteen years old, Caroline Wexler is facing a teenager’s nightmare: her widowed father has moved from the city to a tiny, nowhere town where the major tourist attraction is an industrial fire that seems destined to burn forever and everyone under the age of nineteen is permanently stoned. Concocting new ways of getting high is a major hobby for most of Caroline’s classmates, including the lovelorn Thurston (Reece Thompson), who falls for Caroline the minute he lays eyes on her. And then there’s the minor inconvenience of a killer running around the neighborhood. What’s a girl to do but start an affair with the most available teacher at school?

(via /Film)

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