Epic Coen Brothers Infographic: The Coenfographic

The Coenfographic

Oben seht ihr einen kleinen Ausschnitt aus der gigantischen Coen Brüder Infografik „The Coenfographic“, welche die wiederkehrenden Schauspieler in den Filmen der Coens aufzeigt. Hier in groß anschauen und dann den zugehörigen Blogeintrag lesen, in dem der Macher Tom Mueller seine Motivation erläutert:

During the holidays I went through my DVD shelf, and re-watched a few of my favourite Coen Brothers films (Millers Crossing — still one of my favourite gangster films, O Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo and No Country For Old Men) and I noticed that the Coens have a knack for ‘repurposing’ actors in their movies. So, with nothing else to do — and letting myself buy into the trend of fan-made infographics (not that I’m a stranger to those) I decided to try my hand at mapping out the Coen filmography and map out the most prevailing actors throughout the years by film (each colour-coded) featuring the correct movie logo/brand and as an added extra some sideline award stats — and to top it off I created a custom typeface for the heading.

(via Die Fünf Filmfreunde)

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