Monogamy Trailer


Ob „Monogamy“ tatsächlich „The smartest film about 30-something sex and marriage“ seit Steven Soderbergh’s Regiedebüt „Sex, Lies, and Videotape“ ist, vermag ich nicht zu sagen. Der Trailer macht allerdings einen sehr guten Eindruck!

Increasingly anxious about his impending marriage to Nat (Jones) and thoroughly bored with his day job as a wedding photographer, Theo (Messina) establishes a hobby: he’s hired by clients to clandestinely snap voyeuristic photos of them as they go about their days. Things go smoothly until a sexy new customer’s exhibitionism leads to an all-consuming obsession. As Theo shoots her day and night, the woman’s mysterious public trysts send him reeling, forcing him to confront uncomfortable truths about his sex life at home.

(via Apple)

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