Cinema Verite Teaser Trailer

Der von HBO produzierte Film „Cinema Verite“ blickt zurück auf die Geburtsstunde des Reality TV, das heutzutage die Fernsehlandschaft überflutet. Nicht zuletzt dank des hochkarätigen Casts – Tim Robbins, Diane Lane, Thomas Dekker und James Gandolfini – dürfte das ganze ziemlich gut werden.

„An American Family” was a total departure from the television shows of the time when it aired in 1973, and brought public scrutiny to a family unprepared for the consequences. It put the Louds in the spotlight as the parents (Diane Lane, Tim Robbins) struggled with their marriage while raising their children. In particular, Pat was criticized for her support of her openly gay son Lance (Thomas Dekker) at a time when homosexuality was rarely represented on television.

Cinema Verite gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the original PBS series was created by filmmaker Craig Gilbert (James Gandolfini). While he aimed to have an impact on culture, he also felt that the family’s struggles were relatable to many Americans in a way that the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family were not. The crew of Alan and Susan Raymond (Patrick Fugit, Shanna Collins) spent seven months filming the family in 1971 and were often at odds with Gilbert about what content was appropriate to film.

(via /Film)

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