Cat Run Trailer

Cat Run

Der Trailer zu „Cat Run“ ist eigentlich „nur“ okay, allerdings war John Niven am Drehbuch beteiligt, der sich seit seinem Debütroman „Kill Your Friends“ sehr weit oben auf meiner Liste von Lieblingsautoren befindet. Deshalb: Yay!

Anthony always dreamed of being a famous chef. Julian only thought about women. With neither really working out, the childhood best friends decide to start a detective agency. Unfortunately for them, on their first case they must help protect a sexy, high class escort who holds the key evidence to a scandalous cover up. The two bumbling detectives soon find themselves running from the mob, a corrupt US Senator, and a ruthless Mary Poppins-like assassin – all of whom would stop at nothing to hide the truth. It’s just an average day for two bumbling losers.

(via Apple)

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