Daylight Trailer

Intensiver, atmosphärischer Trailer zu Film „Daylight“, der sich auf die Fahnen geschrieben hat, die Konventionen des Kidnapping-Thrillers hinter sich zu lassen. Hoffentlich ereilt ihn nicht auch das Schicksal vieler anderer Indies, die trotz toller Trailer mangels vernünftiger Auswertung (lies: DVD-Veröffentlichung, denn an einen deutschen Filmstart ist in 99,9% der Fälle nicht zu denken) wieder in Vergessenheit geraten.

On their way to a wedding, Danny and Irene pick up a hitchhiker – throwing the film in the direction of the conventional rural kidnapper thriller. But with the skill of director David Barker and his miraculous cast and crew, Daylight emerges as much, much more than just another exploitation picture. Kidnappers Renny, Leo, and Murphy enact a bizarre and terrifying ritual of politeness, endowing such scenes as the passing of a bread knife at a kitchen table with a threat of ferocious violence – but also trust. Alexandra Meierhans – pregnant as the character Irene, and pregnant in real life – delivers an astonishing performance as the female lead. Simultaneously vulnerable and dangerous, a captive and a seductress, she somehow struggles to survive and endure, bringing the audience along with her through to the shattering conclusion.

(via Apple)

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