Into The Abyss Trailer

Into The Abyss

Trailer zu Werner Herzogs neuester Dokumentation „Into The Abyss“, die aufgrund ihres Sujets zwar beklemmend, doch zugleich auch hochgradig faszinierend und natürlich filmisch erstklassig zu sein scheint. Besonders folgendes Zitat von Roger Ebert aus dem Trailer blieb mir im Gedächtnis: „In this film, Herzog simply looks. He always seems to know where to look.“

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog returns with INTO THE ABYSS: A TALE OF DEATH, A TALE OF LIFE, a riveting examination of a horrible crime which probes the human psyche to explore why people kill – and why the state kills. In intimate conversations with those involved, including 28-year-old death row inmate Michael Perry (who was scheduled to die eight days after his interview with Herzog), the filmmaker achieves what he describes as „a gaze into the abyss of the human soul.“ As he’s so often done before, Herzog’s investigation unveils layers of humanity, making an enlightening trip out of ominous territory.

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