Stanley Kubrick’s Very First Films: Three Short Documentaries

Kubrick decided to make a film about middleweight boxer Walter Cartier, who he had done a photo story on for Look the previous year. He rented a spring-loaded 35mm Bell & Howell Eyemo camera and dived into the project. “I was cameraman, director, editor, assistant editor, sound effects man–you name it, I did it,” Kubrick told Gelmis. “It was invaluable experience, because being forced to do everything myself I gained a sound and comprehensive grasp of all the technical aspects of filmmaking.”

Informativer Artikel über Stanley Kubrick’s erste Gehversuche als Filmemacher und die Entstehung der drei Kurz-Dokumentationen „Day of the Fight“, „Flying Padre“ und „The Seafarers“, welche Interessierten dank YouTube in voller Länge zur Verfügung stehen.

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