Download: Prom Night Compilation von Yeah Dish Records

Prom Night

In einer gerechten Welt wäre die „Prom Night Compilation“ des Labels Yeah Dish Records tatsächlich der Soundtrack für Abschlussbälle, dank des Gratis-Downloads könnt ihr sie immerhin zum Soundtrack eures Sommers machen.

Buffalo, NY, 1984.

Roses are red, tuxedos are pink and Jimmy’s new Cadillac is black.
Tonight is Prom Night, tonight everything is possible.
As he parks nervously outside Brenda’s house, just like a soldier trying to find the bravery to step on the battlefield, his shaking hands grab a bottle of vodka from the glove compartment. Before getting out of the car, Jimmy adds the final touch to his masterplan, his dad’s aftershave.

The rest is History: tonight, Jimmy will become a Man…

(via REMIX86)

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